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The Emoji Makeup Challenge Is Taking Over The 'Gram & We're Totally Double Tapping!

Sharon Alphonso

Senior Writer, POPxo

In the name of content, Instagram serves as a creative space to flaunt one's talents. You could show off your personal style, sell homemade goods, share travel experiences through pictures or even, showcase your makeup artist skills!

It could be ANYTHING you want to be, and that's what makes Instagram awesome. If you're a beauty maven, you'll be thrilled to know that there's a cool makeup trend that's making 'emoji' waves on the 'Gram! It's called the 'Emoji Makeup Challenge'. With Katy Perry's hit track 'Dark Horse' playing in the background, makeup enthusiasts from around the globe are putting together beauty looks inspired by emojis! Prepare yourself for a visual treat! 

Here Are Some of The Best Looks From The Emoji Makeup Challenge

Let the fun begin! 

Tiger Baby

Not a video, but a picture that deserves a thousand likes. Not to forget those tiger emoji ears look hella adorable!  

Emoji: Tiger

Nature Meets The Sky

The beauty of these makeup looks is that you can actually wear them in real life. Our favourite beauty look is the sunflower one, what's yours?  

Emoji Combination: Sunflower + Butterfly + Rainbow + Cloud + Starry Night

Glow In The Dark Makeup Coming Up

Each of her makeup looks is awesome! What steals the show is when the lights go off, and the makeup glows in the dark. Unbelievable.  

Emoji Combination: Soft Icecream + Starry Night + Mermaid + Robot


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Lucky Six!

This beauty doesn't do only one emoji makeup look, but 6 of them! Now that's pure talent right there! 

Emoji Combination: Watermelon + Snowflake + Soft Ice Cream + Butterfly + Snake + Robot


Ice Queen

The wind blowing face emoji is so difficult to recreate. We wondered how she pulled it off, but she nailed it! We love the detailing and the choice of makeup products that went into making this look. 

Emoji Combination: Bee+Rainbow+Wind Blowing Face+Cow

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Nature & Its Elements

Fire, water, earth or sky? Which is your favourite natural element? We think the fire, waves and cloud emoji art looks absolutely magical. 

Emoji Combination: Fire + Waves + Earth + Clouds


Glittery Butterfly Wings

Guess who won't be needing Halloween makeup inspiration this year? Yes, you! Dibs on the butterfly emoji look. What would you pick?

Emoji Combination: Butterfly + Cloud + Fire + Crystal Ball

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So ladies, what are you waiting for? If you have a creative side to you and want to flaunt your makeup skills, then Instagram is the place to be. Put your makeup on and join the emoji challenge! And don't forget to have FUN while you're at it *wink*

Featured Image: Instagram

Published on Mar 03, 2021
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